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Hillsborough, CA

 The 4,600 square foot spacious home is a special representation of California indoor and outdoor living, with expansive front and back yards.  We created a modern and simple interior with luxury textures and finishes, injecting warmth and coziness into this contemporary home. The hidden kitchen features fumed eucalyptus high gloss wood and eight foot retractable doors that resemble the beauty of precious past era antiques translated in modern form.  The residence palette is neutral, with a juxtaposition of dark and light finishes and accented with glass and precious materials. Each space has gorgeous hidden treasures hidden throughout, if you look close you will find them.


This residence was featured in the 2019 Hillsborough Custom Kitchen Design Tour.

Kitchen _DSC8542_edited.jpg
living dinning 3_DSC8437_edited.jpg
living room wall 1_DSC8447_edited.jpg
dinning room 1_DSC5232_edited_edited.jpg
MICA copy_edited.jpg
living cat 1_DSC5316_edited.jpg
powder copy.jpg
breezway 1- cropped_ small_edited.jpg
hallway _DSC8514_edited.jpg
closet detail_ web_edited_edited_edited.jpg
closet 1_DSC5283- WEB_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Kitchen _DSC8542_edited.jpg
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