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modern - outlook - on - design was created to celebrate, recognize and fuel CREATIVITY in all aspects of design,

from Commercial and Residential design to PRODUCT and ART production.


studio was founded by ANNA MOLINA, an acclaimed interior designer who for the past 20 years has worked in the architecture industry designing and creating environments for residential, hospitality and corporate clients. Her innovative style is driven by the philosophy that each space tells a story.



Growing up in Europe and the United States, she graduated from Berkeley College and has been based in New York City and San Francisco. Anna brings an international perspective and understanding of today's world to her work. She creates simple, functional, and unique spaces. Her love for the arts can been seen not only in the spaces she designs but also on canvas as a working professional artist. 

       SPACES ARE ALIVE, they grow overtime, they  are constructed from our experiences, likes, habits, and personal styles, they simply become the FABRICS OF OUR LIVES."

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