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San Ramon, CA

Situated within the larger Renzo Piano-designed building, MIXT San Ramon is airy and light. Taking cues from the bucolic setting surrounding Bishop Ranch and the brand’s agrarian roots, a signature floor-to-ceiling corner tile wall installation in muted earthy hues is punctuated by native plants in white metal planters. One edge of the wall feathers into the MIXT movement graphic in seasonal colors. Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor seating, a backless oak bench wraps the space and four large communal tables cater to families. The signature wallpaper has a light green background while custom white circle pendant lighting fixtures organically fill the space for a fun, modern vibe.

MPADA MIXT San Ramon 02.jpg
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MPADA MIXT San Ramon 03.jpg

 sketch pad

San Ramon _ wallpaper_02.11.2019_edited.jpg
SAn Ramon Palette.jpg
SAN RAMON WALL merged .jpg
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